Cloud Forest- Gardens By The Bay

Cloud Forest- Gardens By The Bay

The Cloud Forest Dome, housed in Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay is a greenhouse-like structure, re-creating the cool wet tropical montane climate found between 1500m and 3000m above sea level.  This conservatory structure is among the largest climate-controlled glasshouses in the world, showcasing the flora of those environments most likely to be affected by climate change.


“The challenge of creating these conservatory environments under glass was a fundamental driver of the design, which was brought about through a uniquely collaborative relationship between WilkinsonEyre and the other members of the multidisciplinary team: masterplanner Grant Associates, structural engineer, Atelier One and environmental specialists Atelier Ten.” (Wilkinson Eyre Architects).

“The Cool Moist Conservatory seeks to capture and display the essential elements of a cloud forest environment in an abstract rather than literal way. The emphasis is on the impression of height, the creation of a cloudy, cool and moist atmosphere. At its heart is a 45m high abstract mountain structure covered in lush vegetation shrouding the breath-taking indoor waterfall, creating a sense of luminous green dripping vegetation with exquisite flowers and foliage.

Enter the Cloud Forest, a mysterious world veiled in mist. Take a walk and relish the escapade into a tropical rainforest in the middle of skyscrapers and grey buildings of a metro city. The temperature inside the Cloud Forest is regulated to vary between 23 to 25 degrees Celsius to allow the tropical plants from Montane (orchids, pitcher plants and ferns) to thrive and flourish.


Cloud forest welcomes its visitors to take a tour through the forest and explore its mind-blowing beauty through 9 different mist-filled levels: Lost World, Cloud Walk, The Cavern, Waterfall View, Crystal Mountain, Tree Top Walk, Secret Garden, Cloud Forest Gallery, and Cloud Forest Theatre. All these levels abound in beauty and magnificence alike and have their awe-inspiring charm.

What do you think this place smells like? 


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