Case Study – Parramatta Dental Clinic

Case Study – Parramatta Dental Clinic


Did you know that when it comes to dental office visits, studies show that as many as 75% of patients experience some degree of anxiety? For this reason, more dental offices are recognizing the need to scent their clinic to ensure their patients feel comfortable and at ease. 


Studies show that scenting a dental clinic can help activate a response of relaxation and calm, allowing the patient experience to be much less traumatic then without the introduction of scent!

At Parramatta Dental Clinic, a pleasant fragrance of white tea and pear throughout the entrance, reception area, waiting room and exam rooms triggers fond memories and emotions reducing negative feelings commonly associated with your visit to the dentist. In addition to calming patients, the dentists have commented that the new scent in their office is an excellent way to eliminate the smell of harsh chemicals and detergents. 

Client: Parramatta Dental Clinic

Year: 2020

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