Scent Marketing – Changing the Retail Experience

Scent Marketing – Changing the Retail Experience

As brands emerge as extra competitive, the need to stand out plays an even bigger part. Customers are seeking emotional experiences. Scent advertising and marketing is an effective device to get a leg up and create an even more memorable experience.

Besides creating experiences for patrons through displays and decor, upping the ante with an enticing store atmosphere that communicates their brand identity through the sense of SMELL is how savvy retailers are now retaining customers as well as acquire new ones.

Using scent, you can affect the kind of connection your clients have with your brand. Did you know? Customers will stay in a scented environment for up to 40% longer. Studies have shown that scent marketing while subtle, contributes greatly at increasing the perception of quality which in turn causes shoppers to linger and purchase more.

The idea goes beyond diffusion to encompass more tangible streams of revenue. Signature brand smells can be turned into candles, room sprays, car fresheners, and even housekeeping sprays used by hotel cleaning crews. The Louvre museum in Paris, for example, recently developed eight scents inspired by artworks in the collection. The scents are not pumped through the air in the galleries but are actually on sale at the gift shop. (ref.

In this difficult retail climate, having one-time purchase customers is not ideal. Retaining customers through product and brand recognition is key. Scent marketing has proven time and again to be an effective tool. Once the scent is tied to the memory of your business, they can quickly become repeat customers.

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